Bulldozers & Bugs by Lane Murchison
"Bulldozers & Bugs" by Lane Murchison
Children's music everyone can love
Featuring James Nash on guitar

1. The Fly that Rode from Buffalo

The Fly that Rode from Buffalo

2. Bongoman


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3. Let's All Make a Song

Let's All Make a Song

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4. Bulldozer


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5. Hug a Bug

Hug a Bug

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6. Ugly Bug Ball

Ugly Bug Ball

7. Mamma's Kisses

Mamma's Kisses

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8. A Beautiful Morning

A Beautiful Morning

Lane Murchison: Acoustic guitar, vocals, wood blocks, guiro, tambourine, djembe, aluminum can
James Nash: Lead acoustic guitar, mandolin, shaker
Produced by Lane Murchison


Bulldozers & Bugs album cover

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